Friday, 20 July 2018

Only In 10.Sec Increase PUBG MOBILE Graphics + Solve All Lagging Problem Full Tutorial Step By Step!!


BAGT is produced by JD Ros for individuals who needs to completely redo and improve illustrations and get you more Chicken Suppers.

Going from midrange to leader telephones, this is the ideal apparatus for better gaming knowledge.

You can tap the Bug Catch in the application to report bugs to me or recommend highlights by means of Email which obviously requires an Email application.


1. On the off chance that you transformed ANYTHING in the in-amusement illustrations settings, it would be ideal if you close the diversion and re-apply your setting from BAGT before playing.

2. Make a point to permit Stockpiling consent or else the application would neglect to do its work.


  1. bhai mere ko kux palle nahe pada i dont get it bhai😭😭

  2. bhai link kanha pe heeeeeeeee...........?