Thursday, 24 May 2018

Big Snow City 2 - this is a realistic shooter || Download Now ||


About This Game....

Big Snow City 2 - this is a reasonable shooter with an open world in the style of GTA. Abilities: 

1) You can unreservedly explore around the huge city and swim along the 

to the ocean. 

2) To take autos, cruisers, ATVs and water crafts. 

3) Purchase weapons, defensive layer, parachute. 

4) Purchase homes and organizations. 

5) Enlist your posse to take care of issues together. 

What's in the amusement: 

1) Open world with a major city. 

2) In excess of 40 autos, 10 water crafts, cruisers and ATVs 

3) Around 15 sorts of weapons, including a six-barrel automatic rifle, flamethrower and RPG. 

4) Body shield and parachute. 

5) 18 houses, 16 sorts of business. 

6) 3 sorts of posses. 

7) Auto shop, weapons shops, banks. 

Also, considerably more.

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